At Neon Circle we provide a range of tailored cyber security and privacy services to suit your business. 

Getting security right can be overwhelming for business owners and leaders, but we are here to help. 

Neon Circle has expertise in information security, security awareness and culture, GDPR and data privacy and ISO27001. Our approach is pragmatic and risk based, meaning all of our recommendations are tailored to your business, your risks and your risk appetite.  

Security Awareness

We are experts in security awareness and culture and provide support on strategy and training.

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Making security awareness training relevant, engaging and exciting is one of our passions at Neon Circle. We have worked with some big clients to help build a positive security culture across the organisation, from Board level down. 

We can offer:

  • Security awareness and culture strategy
  • Annual training programme development
  • Webinars and training sessions for staff 
  • Ethical phishing support 
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Regular security awareness content


GDPR and Data Privacy Guidance

We have expertise to help you ensure your business is compliant with data privacy law.

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We have a certified GDPR Practitioner at Neon Circle who can help you ensure your business is complying with the law. We have the unique advantage of being able to advise on both GDPR and cyber security to ensure you’re covered from all angles. 

We can offer:

  • GDPR Advice and Consultancy
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) services 
  • Compliance audits and risk assessments
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
  • Draft privacy notices



Aligning or complying with ISO27001 can be daunting, but we can help make it easier. 

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At Neon Circle we have certifications in ISO27001 Implementation and Lead Auditing. If you need help developing your information security policies, and Information Security Management System (ISMS) then we can help you. Having ISO27001 accreditation can help you win clients and build a better reputation with clients. 

We can offer:

  • ISMS development
  • ISO27001 review and recommendations
  • ISO27001 implementation 
  • ISO27001 pre-audit assessments
  • Post audit action plans



Risk Management and Governance

Getting cyber security risk management and good governance right is essential. We can help. 

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We are all about taking a risk based approach here at Neon Circle, but that means getting your risk register and risk management processes spot on. We have expertise in building risk based operations and developing good security governance.

We can offer:

  • Risk management advice and implementation 
  • Security risk assessments and recommendations
  • Information security governance consultancy
  • ISO27001 implementation and auditing advice
  • Risk register templates and processes

Workshops & Training

We can develop and deliver security training for your Board, your staff or a specific team.

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We can deliver all kinds of workshops and training to different audiences. Whether it’s new joiners, the Board, a specific team such as finance or HR, we can develop a tailored workshop for your business. 

Per-hour support

If you are a small business and just need some occasional support we offer per-hour support 

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We believe security advice and support should be accessible to all, regardless of your size of business.  That’s why we offer per-hour support. If you have a question, or query or need some quick help with something then we can help and we won’t charge you a full day rate like many other companies. 

We can offer:

  • Call-off contract with a bank of hours to draw down against. 
  • Hourly one-off consulting on cyber security, information governance, GDPR or security awareness. 



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